Key activities

The Research and Development department (R & D) is located in the heart of strategic planning for Georion. The department is fully equipped in terms of facilities and equipment. Fully qualified staff is responsible for collecting data which are being used for further analysis. This enable us creating the framework of supporting future activities.

A wide range of varieties is being tested with emphasis on ensuring varieties are coming from various breeding programs. Although great research is being carried out on soft fruit, trials on other crops such as vegetables are also key part of this department. All trials are being conducted using the most advanced production systems having in total more than 3.5 ha of experimental area.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to invest in knowledge thus to become one of the most dynamic and innovative research and development centers (R & D) in Southern Europe. Having already signed agreements with some of the biggest Breeding programs to test advanced selections and new varieties, our aim is the dynamic growth of the company in Southeastern Europe and the optimization in the wider context of the Greek crops such as Soft fruit.

Our mission is to invest on high value crops.

Aims and Objectives

  • The primary purpose is to develop systems that ensure high quality of production
  • Development of cultivation techniques that are economically viable, environmentally and socially acceptable
  • Production of know how that is directly applicable to commercial scale
  • Testing new varieties and integration to current production systems
  • Trialing new and advanced production systems with main focus on high value crops
  • Developing international cooperation links in trade and research level to improve the overall competitiveness of the Greek crops such as soft fruit.

Experimental Units

For Soft Fruit we have more than 2 hectares of experimental area using the most advanced production systems (Table Tops). For Vegetables we have more than 1.5 ha of experimental area

Current Partnerships In the international arena:

  • Associate member of Meiosis Ltd
  • Companies, nurseries and breeders from Holland, Italy, UK, Spain and USA