Quality and environmental policy

P.Lainas & Co Ltd on behalf of the board of Directors, members and associates producers is committed to comply with National and International standards of administration and management of agricultural production as well as to preserve the ecosystem through agro – environmental actions and activities that:

  • First, respect all Laws and Regulations on agriculture as well as food safety, such as maximum permissible residue levels of agricultural chemicals, the Code of Good Practice and growing conditions and compliance criteria
  • Minimize negative environmental impacts of farming and protecting nature and wildlife through the establishment and monitoring of specific objectives and quantified targets
  • Limit to the maximum possible inputs such us agricultural chemicals, giving priority to integrated methods of pests and diseases of agricultural production
  • Increase the efficiency of natural resources
  • Ensure health and safety of workers/ employees.
  • Ensure continuous improvement of our products and services.

Our company’s main aim is the continuous improvement of production process and management of agricultural products through procedures that are continuously improved and adapt to the complexity of production process concerning consumer health and safety issues, the environment and nature sustainability.