Who we are and historic flashback.

Georion Ltd is active in the primary and secondary sector, providing products and services that are compatible with specific requirements of business customers, consumers and legislation.

The company in its present form was created in 2005 by the founders of Geoplant AEEGE. Until then the company was part of Geoplant Group and then separated into two companies for management purposes.

Georion is a Greek company and in its original undivided form was founded in 1988. The first activity was to provide technical advice to farmers in the local region. In 1989 entered the marketing of agricultural supplies and at the same time created for the first time in Greece the nursery of grafted watermelon plants. In 1996, the first privately owned facility was created in its plot measuring 17,000 m2 where the head office, storage areas as well as the new modern nursery are located.

Today the nursery extends to an area of 8,000 m2 with equipment appropriate to the best nurseries of its kind (sowing machines, pre-treatment booths, irrigation, fertilization systems, control of environment facilities etc.).

Propagating Material

The company’s main activity is the production of propagating material with specialization on grafted vegetables which through a sophisticated system of traceability and Logistics accomplishes their distribution ??in Greece and abroad.

Research and Development department (R & D)

Emphasising on innovation, Georion’s Research and Development (RnD) department is constantly looking for improving existing activities as well as testing new production techniques, varieties and propagating methods. Specialized staff is dedicated to the Agricultural Experimentation targeting to optimize products and quality characteristics that ultimately determine the future of agricultural production in our region; therefore setting new standards on how quality is perceived. Alongside the RnD department is committed to evolve existing cultural practices using the most advanced commercial techniques and appropriate experimental fields in order to evaluate the performance of agricultural products, thus contributing significantly to optimizing ROI (Return on Investment).

Geotechnical Support department

Furthermore, the company’s Geotechnical Support Department directs producers to face the traditional geotechnical problems such as crop protection and nutrition of their crops, thereby improving production quality, always respecting the sensitive agri-environmental profile of the region. The main axis of the Geotechnical Support Department is the development of safe products for our customers, always meeting the highest standards of foreign and modern quality management systems in the primary sector (GlobalGAP IFA, BIO, AGRO2, QS etc).

P. Lainas & Co. Ltd. (Georion) is committed by:

  1. Panagiotis Lainas, Agronomist, Manager
  2. Papanikolopoulos Theophanes, Agronomist, Manager
  3. Diasakos John, Agronomist, Manager