Department Description

The Department of Geotechnical Support of this company aims to provide specialized geotechnical advice to our collaborated growers by emphasizing to the best relation between cost and results. Scope of the Department is to help Growers to produce qualitative and safe products more easily as also to provide better management of daily nutrition and pest problems. At the same time the department makes sure that the products of our collaborated growers are always within the maximum limits for pesticide residues, as defined by law (MRLs) or the strictest specifications of their customers (eg, Amber List of SuperMarkets or Custom MRLs with Limits to the detectable pesticides).

For this reason Georion participates to a specialized network of risk analysis for residues of plant protection products (called RiskFree Network), having its own Server with hundreds of analysis results of residues from different application profiles. This allows Georion to form special “Trend Analysis” for each pesticide’s active substance giving that way the opportunity for better planning of pesticide applications resulting to very low or even residue free products !

At the same time the Department of Geotechnical Support is responsible for the implementation of standards such as GlobalGAP IFA Option 1 and 2, IFS and BRC Food Safety Systems, Agro 2.1/2.2 and the newer QS-GAP and QS Wholesalers.

For these reasons, the Department maintains excellent relationships with big Fruit & vegetables exporters and by “listening” their requirements is designing plant protection programs that are appropriate for the exporting Markets.